Learn How to Burn Fat Better and Harness The Health Benefits of Ketosis


There’s More to Fat Loss & Health Than Simply Eating Loads of Butter, Cream, Cheese and Bacon

Hi there, 

If learning time-tested ways to burn fat better—not just be ‘in ketosis’ —you're in the right place. 

Lets face it, anyone can simply  raise their blood ketone levels with MCT oil or exogenous ketones…but that doesn’t mean they’re burning body fat—which is the goal for many. 

In fact, slamming down exogenous ketones actually slows down your body's ability to burn fat (oops). 

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge proponent of ketones and being in ketosis.

In fact, since 2015 I've invested over $48,000 of my own money traveling the world to interview ketogenic and low-carb experts (people that are way smarter in this area than I). 

In this eCourse, you'll get a chance to learn the biggest lessons and tactics from the authors, researchers and practitioners I've met with while on this learning quest. 

One of the biggest takeaways I've learned is there are many ways to burn fat and harness the health benefits of ketones. 

Since January of 2017, this KetoLean MasterClass has helped hundreds of people from around the world make effective, sweeping diet and lifestyle changes that help burn fat and improve health. 

We'll teach you how to guy and make gut-healthy, ketogenic friendly foods but...there's more to our metabolism than just food! 


We'll teach you the various “non-nutritional factors” that affect ketosis and fat burning. 


Avoid confusion about the ketogenic diet and learn strategies to successfully implement this low-carb diet into your lifestyle

Here's What Is Included in this Spring Bundle

Lifetime acces to over 20 how-to videos to help you get you started on a low-carb/ketogenic diet, the healthy way
Ketogenic and gut microbiome food prep shopping guide 
Lifetime access to six past live group calls
Five Bonus expert interviews 

Home Made Nut Butter Tutorial & eBook


Core Concepts Addressed in the Course

  • How to ensure you’re losing fat on keto
  • Advanced Tips to get into ketosis
  • Tools and strategies to become more fat adapted
  • Ketones and Blood sugar Balance w/ Dominic D’Agostino, PhD
  • Ketosis and Exercise
  • Carb Cycling and Carb Refeeding Strategies
  • Fasting for Fat Loss and Health: advanced strategies
  • Building muscle on Keto
  • Keto Foods & Tips
  • Low Endotoxin Keto: How Too Much Bacon Can Slow Progress
  • Tips to Reduce Endotoxin
  • A Gut Healthy Ketogenic Diet
  • Unconventional Keto Foods that Improve Micobiome Health
  • Tips for Testing Ketones and Blood Glucose
  • How do we define Keto VS Fat-Adapted
    Fasting Strategies for Women
  • Fitness as a Tool to get into ketosis
  • Ketosis and the Brain, Flow
  • Keto Supplements
  • The Second Meal Effect: Why consistency is important
  • Examples of a Ketogenic Breakfast and Lunch
  • Ketones and the Brain w/ Dominic D’Agostino

Learn Practical Tips to Improve Become More Fat Adapted










to learn tips and strategies to help you get and stay lean leveraging the power of the Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent fasting

Bonus #1 Ketogenic & Low-Carb Nut Butter eBook & Fat-Bomb Bundle

Bonus #2 Low-Endotoxin Keto & Microbiome Boosting Video Guide

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to learn tips and strategies to help you get and stay lean leveraging the power of the Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent fasting


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