The Autoimmune Intensive

Expert Educational Series

Learn from Leading Experts in the Field Of Autoimmunity

From restoring the health of the microbiome and gut barrier to decreasing exposure to environmental triggers that increase susceptibility to allergies and autoimmunity, this line up of Functional Medicine expert will share you the tools and strategies to restore “tolerance” and a reclaim sense of deep strength and balance to your immune system.

Amy Myers, MD 

Learn how Functional Medicine can help heal Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders

Tom O’Bryan, DC

Learn Ways to Test and Assess the “Spectrum” of Autoimmunity.

Jack Wolfson, DO

Solving Leaky Gut to Decreasing Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk .

Bonus Video Presentations and Expert Interviews

Richard Horowitz, MD

Discover If Lyme or Co-Infections Are Affecting Your Immune System

Carrie Jones, ND

Balancing the Adrenals, Thyroid and Sex Hormones 

Cheryl Burdette, ND

Novel Strategies to Test for Immune Imbalances and Natural Tools to Re-Balance the Immune System

Keith Berndtson, MD

Mold Toxicity and the Immune System

Jill Carnahan, MD 

Testing for Mold and Tips to Overcome Mold Illness

Alena Guggenheim, ND

A Practical Guide to Immunometabolism: the New Model of Autoimmunity and Inflammation

Video #1: Amy Myers, MD

Video #2: Tom O’Bryan, DC

Video #3: Jack Wolfson, DO


3 Core HD Video Interviews (Valued at $349)

3 Audio MP3s 

Autoimmune Intensive eBook and Transcripts 

3 Bonus HD-Videos


Learn Functional Medicine Approaches to Reverse Allergies, Autoimmunity and Inflammation

If allergies and fatigue are holding you back from enjoying the outdoors and spending time with those who matter most, the content in this course can help you get back on track.

Summer is almost officially here.

For many of us, that means hiking in the woods, BBQs and traveling with friends and family.


Seasonal allergies, fatigue from hypothyroidism or other autoimmune conditions can hold us back from enjoying these special moments.

 Since roughly one in four adults have an autoimmune condition, my friend Matt and I put together the Autoimmune and Inflammation Intensive—an HD-video-based eSeries that can help you or someone you know figure out and resolve the root causes of their allergic, autoimmune or inflammatory condition.

Trust me. I’ve been there. Allergies and autoimmunity have affected me and those that I care about.

When I was 11 years old, my stepmother was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease. I can still remember her barely able to get up off of the floor in our living room when we were waiting for the paramedics to come.

And for the first 30 years of my life, spring and summer meant sneezing, itchy eyes, a runny nose and malaise.

Had I not been exposed to the great field of functional medicine, I would likely still be taking antihistamines and self-medicating with caffeine to overcome the drowsiness of the medicine.

Although traditional medicine offers some tools—often involving lots of medication and sometimes surgery—to help address allergies and autoimmunity, the field of functional medicine offers lasting solutions.

My friend Matt Grabau and I created a program to help you or someone you love learn these “health tools” and make educated decisions about your health to help decrease allergy and autoimmune symptoms.

This learning series includes HD-video, audio and PDF transcripts of leading functional medicine experts in the field of allergy and autoimmunity, including:

  • Amy Myers, MD
  • Tom O’Bryan, DC
  • Jack Wolfson, DO

and several others.


What You Will Learn

From restoring the health of the microbiome and gut barrier to decreasing exposure to environmental triggers that increase susceptibility to allergies and autoimmunity, functional medicine helps us restore “tolerance” and a sense of deep strength to our immune system.

“This was one of the most impactful seminars I've hosted in the last 10 years.”

— Matt Grabau--Autoimmune Summit Host

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