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12+ Hours of Autophagy & Metabolic Flexibility Training

Learn science and application when it comes to enhancing autophagy and associated benefits. 

Two Group Training Calls

Learn practical tips, strategies and takeaways to start and break your fasts while keeping autophagy top of mind

Bonus Recipes, Carb Cycling Guide and Unposted Footage

Learn how to customize foods and meal-timing to enhance your body weight and health goals. 

Learn When to Fast & For How Long

Everyone’s health goals are different. This eCourse will help you learn which fasting and low-carb diet approach will best fit your unique health goals.



Stay Current on One of the Fastest Growing Health Topics

Autophagy science is so new that most doctors and health professionals know little about it--this course will break-down the science and share practical insights that'll help you improve your health

Learn to Cook with Foods Containing Nutrients Known to Enhance Autophagy

Studies suggest that different foods and eating styles may enhance autophagy signaling in humans. Learn how to integrate them into your eating plan.

Construct an Exercise Program That'll Enhance Autophagy

Fasting is just one of the many tools known to enhance autophagy. Exercise is another great way to kick-start metabolic flexibility and autophagy. 

Eat Less, Feel Better

Not all foods are the same when it comes to breaking a fast to enhance metabolic flexibility and autophagy

Learn ways to prevent a post-fast "binge." 


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Core Lesson Plans

Group Calls + Recordings

Customizable Fasting Plans

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) Would this class be appropriate for a 56 year old woman? I struggle with weight loss despite all attempts. Do you feel this is something that could help with finally losing the weight?

 A) I do think it’s appropriate for anyone over 45. Why? Autophagy is known to decrease with age—that is our autophagy machinery functions less efficiently over time. Thus, in my opinion, we need to make autophagy enhancement a part of our life!


Q) What if I can’t make the Wednesday evening live calls at 5:00 PM PST on Wednesday, October 9th and 16th? 

 A) The live calls are designed to help you answer your specific question and achieve your unique health goals. If you miss a call, it’s no big deal as we record all the calls. BUT in years of teaching online classes, I’ve found that folks who attend the live calls learn the most and gain the most from the course.



Q) My husband has prostate cancer, and from the research I’ve read autophagy is implicated in prostate cancer. Will enhancing autophagy through fasting a accelerate cancer?

 A) For starters, I’m (Mike Mutzel) not an Oncologist so you’ll need to work with your licensed health professional.


That said, we do address what is and isn’t known about autophagy in various cancers. It seems that the data is quite mixed—some cancers manifest as a result of sub-optimal autophagy while others leverage autophagy mechanisms as a means to evade immune system detection.


As such, we’re going to help you learn strategies known to improve health while keeping autophagy top of mind. The diet, exercise and lifestyle strategies taught herein are known by many health professionals to support healthy immune system function.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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