Say Goodbye to that Fattening Gluten Free Bread


Hey, it's Mike and Deanna here--

Macronutrients aside, food quality and dietary diversity are among two of the most important factors to consider on any diet.

Although most people seeking to lose weight and improve their health know this, they often resort to packaged and nutrient-devoid food because they're short on time and these items have been engineered to tastes good.

We were faced with a conundrum four years ago when our toddler started eating real food--to know one's surprise she didn't like broccoli sautéed in ghee butter and sea salt.

As big gut health, microbiome and keto diet advocates, we didn't want to settle for the gluten-free bread and Mac and Cheese.

And to be fair...we were getting pretty bored of spinach salads tossed with organic olive oil. (I'm sure you can attest.)

Determined to get our baby girl eating more vegetables and to add pizzazz into our own vegetable-rich diet, we spent countless hours tinkering in the kitchen.

The process was a success--our child was (and still is) eating TONS of raw, gluten-free vegetables in the form of crackers, breads and wraps--that's included in this eBook and eCourse Bundle.

What is Raw Vegetable Bread?

The closest analogy I can come up with is a tortilla-like wrap made out of healthy fats and vegetables; sprouted nuts/coconut oil and an array of greens, respectively. 

Unlike most health food, these wraps, crackers and treats actually taste GOOD! (So good, I'm embarrassed to say...we sometimes eat eat a whole batch in one sitting.) 

But instead of the feeling fat and tired like after overeating handfuls of gluten free chips, the raw veggie breads don't cause you to crash and need a nap--you'll feel energized from the healthy fats and easy to digest greens. 


Save Money & Improve Your Family's Health w/ These Vegetable Bread and Cracker Recipe

All recipes have zero added sugar and are grain/gluten free and are Keto Diet friendly


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Here's What's Included in this Spring Bundle


103 page eBook:

Raw Veggie Bread Low-Carb Recipe Book and Manual

Seven Detailed How-to HD Video Tutorials:

Watch and learn how-to transform boring vegetables into tasty breads, wraps and crackers

Two Recorded Live Coaching Calls (in the kitchen)

Plus Get Lifetime Access to These Bonus Recipes & Video Tutorials

Veggie Bread Trouble Shooting Lesson:

Mistakes happen...learn how to avoid THE most common mistakes when learning this new way of cooking and eating.

Deanna shares with you the tips to quickly make pliable and wrap-like bread from vegetables, every-time. 

Home-Made Nut Butter Tutorial:

save money and never buy expensive Almond, Cashew, Pecan, and Brazil-nut butters

Nut-Free and Seed-Free Options and Alternatives:

this tutorial will give bread & nut-butter options for even the most sensitive and picky eaters

Creative Workarounds to Get Your Child Eating More Veggies:

you'll learn tools and tactics to 'sneak' more real food into your kid's diet without them even knowing it's there :-)

Dozens of Low-Carb and Keto Friendly Desserts:

learn the simple frame-work to make low-sugar desserts and treats

Save Your Seat in this eCourse - LIMITED TIME!

P.S. - If you’re committed to improving your health with real food, but want to add more flavor and variety to your diet—this is a good way to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've had a lot of questions over the last few weeks, so wanted to summarize them here:

Q): If I'm sensitive to nuts, can I substitute the nuts for something else in these recipes?
A): Yes, we'll discuss options that you can use; for example pumpkin sees, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and tiger nuts as substitutes. (Pili nuts can be used as well.)

Q): Are these breads, wraps and crackers really gluten/grain free?
A): Yes, with the exception of one optional sprouted buckwheat cracker recipe, everything is grain free. (We haven’t had gluten in our house for years.)

Q): Will I need special tools to make the breads, wraps and crackers?
A): To get the most out of this course, you’ll need to have a food processor and will eventually want to get a dehydrator as well. (We’ll show you the most affordable ones to buy.)

Q): What tools will I need for the raw kale chip recipes?
A): You’ll need a food processor for these, and you can cook via low-heat in the oven or dehydrator

Q): For the desserts and nut butters, what tools do I need for that?
A): A hand mixer or food processor (mentioned above) will work.

Q): Are raw breads the only recipes that I'll learn from this eBook and Course?
A): No, we realize that not everyone likes, wants or needs raw breads, wraps and crackers. So we included many more recipes, including nut butters, nut milks, dressings, pestos and desserts.

Here's a Sneak Peak of the eBook That's Included

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