Blood Work MasterClass Live Winter 2023

In this video eCourse you'll learn valuable patterns and trends in your blood work to help optimize your health and lifespan.  

We’ll dive deeper into metabolic health and fat loss as well as cardiovascular and neurological disease risk reduction with a focus on longevity and. 

Here's what is included: 

  • Intro Lab Work Breakdown Videos, Notes and Quiz
  • Metabolic, Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Health laboratory patterns and trends 70 Minute Live Training Call. 
  • Hormone Health and Ominous Markers Patterns and Trends: Live Training Training Call 
  • Access to all studies, slides and PDF transcripts
  • Bonus Videos and Content

Intro Video Lab Work Primer 

Video #2: ApoB, ApoE, Immune and Ominous Markers 

During the first live webinar session, we’ll explore which tests and associated patterns help you better evaluate your metabolic health. Special focus will be given to the liver, markers linked with glucose handling, insulin sensitivity, iron metabolism and more.


In part two, we’ll dive deeper into hormone testing, leptin, as well as the evaluation of overall immune health.

Why this master class? 

The reference lab ranges keep changing as the overall population becomes more unhealthy. Just because a biomarker or two is within the reference range doesn’t mean it’s ideal or optimal. Moreover, the tests are often not clustered in related patterns with their corresponding organ system.


Chronic health issues often take years to develop, so watching out for subtle trends in key biomarkers can help customize your diet, exercise and lifestyle so you can feel your very best.

The labs and tests we’ll discuss are affordable—usually less than $249 cash pay (or billed through your insurance)—and can be requested by your primary care doctor. 

Is this live webinar and video training right for you?

This class is for motivated individuals who want to know more about what’s going on in their body and want to learn ways to use objective measurements to guide nutrition and lifestyle changes.

If you enjoy learning about the body, health and disease, you’ll like this course.







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