Fat Adapted Insider Program

This ongoing support course is designed to a follow up for those who learned tips from the Keto Lean MasterClass and/or Spring Into Keto eCourse.

Mike is traveling weekly to interview doctors and scientists in the keto and fitness space--so if you want snippets, early access and research updates--this is a great program for you. 

Our main goal here is to help you continue your fat-loss journey with practical science and recipes from a “hers and his” balanced perspective. 

As a past participant, you can access all the new content, calls, expert snippets and future content of ongoing eCourses for just $9.95 per month.

If you’re interested in learning more practical tips, exercises and science to stay fat-adapted and healthy, you'll benefit from this program. 

Here’s a review of what’s included: 

- First Access to all podcasts and videos

- Fitness tutorials by Deanna and Mike

-Low-Carb and Microbiome friendly recipes

- Podcast snippets and highlights from podcast interviews

Hope to see you on the other side,




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