The Adrenal Intensive

Beyond Free Cortisol: Balancing the Adrenals and HPA Axis


Join us for an exclusive learning opportunity and explore leading-edge concepts in adrenal and hormonal evaluation and treatment.

Gain confidence by learning from Carrie Jones, ND; a hormone and laboratory testing thought leader who has devoted years helping women restore adrenal and sex hormones and evaluating data on serum, saliva, and urine testing.

Dr. Jones will discuss more about:

  • How to evaluate the HPA axis beyond free cortisol
  • Understanding the role of 11bHSD in cortisol and cortisone activity
  • Understanding phase 1 and phase 2 detox for estrogen
  • Determining 5a-reductase patterns for hair loss, acne and facial hair
  • What is the optimal way test and evaluate adrenal and sex hormones

About Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones graduated from the famed National College of Natural Medicine, School of Naturopathic Medicine located in Portland, Oregon where she is currently an Adjunct Faculty. She completed a 2 year residency in advanced women’s health, gynecology, and hormones. She is an expert writer for the women’s health website, and has articles on both Yahoo! Health and Shine. She frequently lectures on the topics of women’s health, hormones, thyroid disorders, Celiac Disease, food intolerances and more.

Why Should You Care About Hormones: 

 Every functional medicine practitioner appreciates the importance of hormonal balance for good health, and nearly every functional medicine practitioner relies upon hormone test results in order to design and guide a suitable protocol. When it comes to testing, there are three basic choices: serum (blood), saliva, or urine. Are you able to confidently select the proper test? When lab results identify the need for hormone therapy, can you confidently select a delivery method (sublingual, topical, oral)? Most importantly, once you recommend a particular form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to your patient, can you confidently select the form of testing that is best for monitoring progress? 

Meeting Host: Mike Mutzel MS

Mike has been a Functional Medicine Consultant for XYMOGEN, Author of Belly Fat Effect and the founder of High Intensity Health radio-- a podcast that garners over 300,000 monthly downloads from listeners through out the world.

Confused about how to best restore adrenal health and balance hormones? Expert in the field, Dr. Carrie Jones is offering an advanced workshop.


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