Take Your Health to the Next Level

Fat Adapted Insider Program

$9.95 USD every month

This ongoing support course is designed to a follow up for those who learned tips from the Keto Lean MasterClass and/...

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The Autoimmune Intensive

$57.00 USD

Learn from Drs. Amy Myers, Tom O'Bryan, Jack Wolfson and many others. 

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The Kale Chip eBook

$19.95 USD

Get access to over 30 raw kale chip recipes. These 35 page eBook has detailed step-by-step instructions on how to mak...

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Keto DIY Nut Butter & Dessert Recipe Bundle

$19.95 USD

Learn how to make over 13 different “keto-friendly” nut butter recipes right from your home. They are fresher and hea...

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The Methylation Summit

$27.00 USD

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The Autism Intensive

$9.95 USD

38 health experts and four mothers reveal the latest science about how gut bacteria, environmental toxins, methylatio...

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Raw Bread eBook

$24.94 USD

Gain access to detailed instructions on how to make raw vegetable bread. Learn over 30 raw-veggie bread recipes. (All...

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60 Minute 1-on-1 Consult with Mike Mutzel, MS

$297.00 USD

Book a virtual 60 minute zoom call with Mike. 

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90 Day Personalized Coaching with Mike

$1,600.00 USD

If you're serious about getting your health back, this is the plan for you.  We'll meet twice monthly for the next t...

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Trial Insider Membership


Access webinar replays and other video snippets. 

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